How it works & Pricing

  • It’s free for organizers to use Fury Tickets as long as you’re not charging for tickets!
  • There are no monthly charges, enrollment costs, or setup fees—and Fury Tickets gives you  mobile sales and box office features, and 24/7 Email customer support.
  • If you’re charging for ticket sales on Fury Tickets, we charge 2.5% of the ticket price plus $0.99 per ticket, plus a 3% payment processing fee in U.S. dollars.


Fees only kick in when you actually make a sale, and it’s important to make sure your payment processor is set up before that first ticket sells. There are 2 types of fees you’ll want to know about:

– Fury Tickets service fee: We charge 2.5% of the ticket cost plus $0.99 per ticket sold in U.S. dollars. No matter how much you’re charging, we cap the FuryTickets service fee at US$9.95.

– Payment processing fee: If you’re using Fury Tickets Payment Processing, the fee for processing online payments in U.S. dollars is 3% of the ticket cost. Fury Tickets Payment Processing is the default way to accept payments when you set up a paid event, and in most cases the cheapest and smoothest option for organizers and attendees. There is no cap on the Fury Tickets Payment Processing fee.

If you use PayPal or Authorize.Net to collect payments, the Fury Tickets service fee is the same and you pay the fees set by these payment processors.


If we are processing the transactions we will need your account Name, number and routing number, a direct deposit will be made 2 business days after the event along with a sales report and ticket count this is to avoid any charge back fees made by the customer.

If you process the transaction using your paypal account you will be responsible for setting up the account and how you will get the fund into your account.

Either way you pick we are here to help you set up your event and get you selling and promoting your tickets

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